From the recording Everything That Was

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Honey, take me out tonight
Because I don't want to mope
And I don't want to fight
I was wrong and you were wrong
And sometimes that makes it right
Oh honey, let's go out tonight

At last that sun's going down
So I'll put on my boots
Won't you put on that gown
Throw our troubles to the wind, now
We're on the rebound
Oh, at last that sun's going down

And I know you're never gonna leave
And I'm not leaving you
So we should let it breathe
And in the morning everything will feel alright
If you take one step out that door and I'll follow you

Honey, that moon's climbing high
The taxis are all waiting
Empty buses rolling by
And with a bottle of white
We won't even have to try
'Cause honey, that moon's up high
So honey, take me out tonight